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Real People Title Sequence

This title sequence fades up from black just as in the movies, except it is used at the beginning of Hyland dramatic productions. Experience it now (click on the black slide). REAL PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS is the mastermind behind Hyland Christian School's annual plays. Originally, Bret Carter and his father, Ron, put their heads together


to creatively imagine a scenario for a play script under the name REAL PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS. No imaginary concept was too far to mold into reality. The same is true today. This imagination of the pretend world sheds a bright light of creativity within the plays that Hyland Christian students still achieve each year. How can each year's play be the best one! You may want to check out "The Arts" tab for a detail description of our annual plays. Yes, if you have seen one of the plays, you know imagination has taken wing. Students contribute to the plot with ideas possibly overheard at Starbuck's outings and intriguing elements from their current course studies. Mr. Carter takes those concepts, comes up with a plotline. He incorporating the varied observations, uniquely crafts characters loosely based on strengths of each student actor, and voila--another Hyland favorite is born.

Most people do not know the entire process is hush-hush. Don't even try to wiggle information from the students.  Trust abounds among fellow students to not divulge any real play content, even until the night of the first performance. But, there's still more... With play concepts in hand, students design and build sets, collect props, and carefully select costuming, make-up, plan lighting and sound. What an organizational structure! It would make  corporate executives stop in their tracks. Imagine just a few junior high and high school students cooperating, functioning together, culminating in a production that runs smoothly, no matter what might happen on stage, or backstage, that was not originally planned. Staying in character is an attribute of each play. They come together with professional demeanor, knowing when the last night's play has been performed  they have truly had a collaborative memory of a lifetime. There's still more... Each play has its own original sound track thanks to the fine work of Doctor Obvious Studios. There's still more...but that is the rest of the story, because every HCS student who participates in this process has unique recollections when "something happened." It didn't matter in the end; the whole concept worked. The benefits of HCS REAL PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS did not take place on stage, but in the real world of collaboration, creativity, and collective success.

"The Princess and the Fool"  2016