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Date Still to Be Selected


When that time comes, fill out this form and return to or fax 303-464-1034 or call the school office, 303-466-1673 to reserve your table for a most enjoyable evening battle of wits. We look forward to seeing you for BRAINAMANIA 2022. Not having Brainamania was one of our saddest Covid memories.   Link here  for past flyer information regarding further details you may have forgotten.



Thank you for your prayers and consideration to support HCS

With your help, Hyland Christian School can grow and continue the good efforts to educate children. Check out the following pages listed in the right sidebar for ways you can support HCS.  These ideas may spark your own ideas how to support Hyland. Contact us with your ideas.
May that vision become our collective vision to support the Hyland Christian School ministry where we can offer children an opportunity to excel academically, personal, socially, and spiritually, and where true knowledge and understanding from the Creator fosters creativity and integrity in our students to honor Him in the workplace.
Check out the small and big ways you can assist Hyland Christian School reach new heights.

Soon we will list items needed for future HCS development.

We appreciate your consideration of the work begun here so long ago.