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The HCS Community

“Remember the adage ‘It takes a village to raise a child?’
I whole-heartedly believe that and Hyland was part of my village.”
     Justine Oehlert, Hyland Parent of Ben Oehlert, 2012,  & Emmy Oehlert (Jorgensen), 2014
“As parents, you face a tough decision when deciding where to send your kids to school. After all, the foundation we lay for them, through the school to which we send them, is going to establish the direction of their life.” “School-A Foundation”. Colorado Lifestyles, August 2007.
Thank you for considering Hyland Christian School. We seek to teach, model, and learn together, giving God the glory in each child’s endeavor to grow as Jesus did, in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.( Luke 2:52) It is not our intent to box them in, instead to grow circumspectly about our world.
You know you're a good fit for the HCS community if:
  • You value a strong foundation in the basics of education:  read well, write well, speak well, know math skills without a calculator, if you must. You know scientific principles and have an understanding how world events have shaped history.
  • You believe in a strong work ethic--you work hard and play hard.
  • You believe it’s not just intelligence, but commitment and determination that motivates you.
  • You believe your worth comes from your relationship with God rather than status or fame.
  • Your worth is measured more by your Godly principles than your pocketbook.
  • You desire to serve God more than you desire to be serve.
  • You have a worldview picture of education as one that maintains scholastic abilities and determination are partners for a successful life of service to God.
  • You do not have to have all the bells and whistles to learn.
  • Your goal for your child is not to hide from the world, but “go" into the world with His teachings.
You understand a Christian school is not a sin-free zone.

Some people say Christian schools shelter children, and then their parents send them off to another “bubble” at Christian universities. “How will they ever cope in the real world without real-world experience?”  We contend our students are not ignorant of the ‘real world’ because we are not divorced from it, anywhere. We are real people dealing with real life issues, all working together to grow up strong.

Yet, there is logic here to address. The first few years of a child’s life require protection from myriad types of physical dangers: running out in the street after a ball, touching a hot stove, or jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool without knowing how to swim. Preparing for our children’s safety is a no brainer. We go to great lengths to repeat time and time again instructions about crossing the street, touching the hot stove, or jumping into the deep water.

As an encouragement to parents, no matter where your children go to school, training for your children’s emotional, spiritual, and mental protection is more than a good idea. At Hyland Christian School we want to partner with you to grow real and strong, healthy seedlings that will produce good fruit.*

Feel free to call, come by and visit us, fill out an admissions' inquiry form. Maybe we can offer what you desire most of all for your child.

*Concepts from Proverbs and the Formation of Character. Dave Bland. For a preview of this book, see Parental Wisdom article.