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Thursday Devos

A need to belong, to encourage each other, to have others encourage you, to challenge each other to grow in faith, and to serve each other are significant in a teenager’s world of what it means to live out a personal walk with Jesus. To further encourage this personal walk, the Thursday practice of junior high/high school girls meeting to have girl-to-girl time and the junior high/high school boys developing a bond in their ‘Men’ time has been perpetuated for years.


Girls need to talk out issues of life and seek Godly advice, and this is a time to do just that. Learning to trust His ways together develops a trust in each other too. This is a bond not easily broken. From the outside looking in, a cliquishness may appear, but what they are seeing is a strong bond in the Lord from these precious times together. They have each other's backs.

Sorry guys, the sound of the girls’ singing as it echos down the halls cannot be rivaled!




Men are lead to identify Godly characteristics from the Scriptures. 
This question was posed to an HCS alumnus:"What do you recall most about "MEN" Devos?" He said without hesitation, "Learning integrity means doing it right when no one is looking.”
These young men show Christ is being preached out of true and pure motives in their service to others, honoring others above themselves whether they bring each girl’s favorite Starbucks to them on their birthdays, or planning secret messages of encouragement to other students.
Men are notorious for their lack of leadership, but the result of male students meeting together, learning not to let the world define what a man is, has proven otherwise. Instead of lightening up their load, they challenge each other to complete memory work and plan ways to serve. They have prayed together, studied Proverbs together, and talked frankly about specific issues boys face.

Younger boys look up to the big guys, another year passes, and now it's their turn to model that same dynamic of Christian manhood.


Go. Christ has given His followers purpose and a mission--to live as subjects of the kingdom.
Go, promote kingdom values in your everyday life and work.
Go. Kingdom people adopt the King’s values and make choices that reflect those values—in their jobs, families, and communities.
Go seeking first the kingdom. It puts a Christ-like perspective on one’s work and its outcomes.
                                Excerpts from N.T. Wright, The Word in Life Study Bible, Matthew 6:33