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Your graduation ceremony at hyland was a special event for the HCS community

Hyland graduations still have the same traditions, plus a few more added:
  • The k-11 student body singing "Lord, We Come Before Thee Now" as they line each side of the center isle.
  • You walking by them in your cap and gown.
  • A ceremony that is more like a baccalaureate and graduation combined
  • Salvation Singers singing "Look Beyond Tomorrow."
  • Parents/family member reading their blessing to you
  • Your own personal minute-and-ten-second slide show with your own song choice
  • The talks lovingly prepared to encourage you.
  • The elementary chorus singing to you.
  • The kindergarten class signing Psalm 100.
  • The kindergarten class saying your favorite verse.
  • Standing next to the principal who reads off how much you have done by being part of the Hyland community.
  • Expressions of how much you are loved
  • Your DC slide show
  • Prayers offered at the invocation and benediction naming you individually in those prayers.
  • The audience standing and singing with the k-11 grades as you march past them one last time.
  • The celebration afterwards with the centerpiece cake decorated with your names on it.
  • Decorated tables with your pictures, gifts, and notes of encouragement

After three hours or are an alumnus.

"How long can a graduation be for so few graduates?" is the sentiment jokingly expressed about Hyland graduation ceremonies.
The HCS Community believes, "As long as it needs to be to remind you how much you are personally loved and valued."  We wanted to have the opportunity to cover you in prayer, shower you with praise for your long hours of work and what you have meant to our school community, and, of course, to celebrate with you.

thinking more about the graduation song, 'Look Beyond Tomorrow'

Maybe the meaning of the words to this traditional HCS graduation song have come to you through the years.  Something about visions of the future... lighting the pathway ahead... memories of days gone by... What lines do you remember?

What about this one....

Nearly every graduation, someone has quoted this saying. Has this little analogy caused you to reflect on its truths?*


We were just wanting stir up sweet recollections from days gone by as you go about Making HIS Mark on the World.

*"Friends are like buttons on an elevator. They can take you up or they can take you down." - Shane Slaton
If you have never experienced a Hyland Christian School graduation, or if you really want to know what HCS is all about, call the office, find out when graduation is, and come experience a sweet evening with our school family.

You'll have a good sense of the power of a small school community.




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