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Daily Chapel

Daily chapel is a subtle way of reminding everyone, students and teachers alike, that God comes first. Frankly, it is a good reminder for parents too, who are welcome to come to chapel any day.

"Start the day off with God.

worship the Supreme Being for a few minutes."

"Advice to a Youth," Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kosciuszko,
A Polish-Lithuanian who offered his services to the Continental Army
Daily chapel also sets the atmosphere that we are one school. It’s cool for the younger people to hang out with the ‘giants’(the junior high and high school students), and it’s good for the ‘giants' to realize there are little people watching.
The little children express their untainted thinking in heartfelt prayers. You know you’ve been in Hyland chapel when a little one’s faith in the power of prayer verbalizes a need for classmates “to get along today in class,” and names the classmates involved. 
Our prayer is that the memory of precious chapel moments is but one of Hyland opportunities to develop in HCS students a Christian perspective of life by which they can make decisions that honor God for a lifetime. Chapel lessons present insightful Biblical teachings that draw out a deeper understanding of God’s plans in our everyday world,
a personal look at the image of Christ through illustrations and analogies, and teachings from
a perspective that is both understandable and meaningful to the young people and the ‘giants.'
Look for more amazing chapel lessons that will be posted soon.