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Welcome to "Making HIS Mark on the World."

This is the alumni page for former Hyland students.


Making HIS Mark on the World

It is a joy to have you dropping in when you’re in town, peeking in to say hello to former teachers or showing your old classrooms to family and friends. It is great to see so many former Hyland students come to Brainamania, the plays, and graduation. If you have not been here recently, please stop by. Come to chapel if you have time. The chapel lessons are as good as they were when you were here - great spiritual food for the day.

We are blessed to now have second-generation Hyland students. Who knows, maybe third generation soon!

Making HIS Mark on the World  ‘STORIES’
We love to hear about our alumni.
If you would like to connect with our alumni list, or you would like to share information for other alumni here on ‘Making HIS Mark on the World’, please fill out the Update Alumni Information Form. Or, send us an email telling us what is going on in your life.

We are proud of you.

If your life has been influenced by Hyland Christian School in any positive way and the Lord leads you to give back to the Hyland community, go to the SUPPORT PAGE for small and large ways you can assist us and help HCS reach new heights. Soon we will list items needed for future HCS development.
Thank you. You have been a wonderful blessing to our HCS community. The faculty and staff think of you often and pray for  ‘HIS mark’ you are making to impact the world for His glory.





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