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A School: More Like a Family

Hyland Christian School is more than a location, more than books, classrooms, and teachers.
Since 1980, the value of knowledge and understanding has guided HCS to develop an environment where children can grow into competent individuals to serve Him for their life's work.
We are more like a village of caring families,  none of whom are perfect, but working together to function as one body toward common goals.
A Community of Families, Students, Teachers, Alumni, and Friends Who Share Common Goals
Chapel is a significant part of our HCS Community where we can come together to sing, offer prayers of thanksgiving, pray for concerns close to our hearts, read God's Word and gain encouragement to live for Jesus, share activity announcements, honor those to whom honor is due, and celebrate birthdays and special accomplishments. 
Service within our community and reaching out to others beyond our walls change as we see ways to help or honor people that God brings to our attention.
Within the student body, the junior/senior high split off and have amazing devotional times for 30 minutes on Thursdays. This little grass roots tradition began with girls wanting to connect with each other, and soon the boys decided they would do the same.
Alumni hold a special place in our HCS Community. It is you and your testimony on the world to demonstrate who Christ is.
Parents, don't hesitate to come to chapel any time. Parents need encouragement too. We have links, both public and private, for parents.  Some scheduled events on the calendar are secured information for our HCS community only so you will need to login in to view that information.
Thank you to the many friends,  groups, and companies we have connected with through the years. Your support and special contributions are a great encouragement to our ministry. Hopefully, we can offer each other mutual encouragement in the common cause of serving Jesus Christ.