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Front Range Christian Athletic Association

"The primary purpose of FRCAA is three-fold:
1.  to promote Christian testimony in athletic competition,
2.  to provide fellowship for Christian athletes,
3.  to facilitate a sports season of competition culminating in an end-of-season tournament."
"As Christians, we want to respond in a
way that honors God. Specifically, we ask
and expect every FRCAA member -their
players, coaches, parents, and
administration - to edify their teammates,
respect their opponents, and give of their
gifts with excellence. Win or lose, we need
to walk with grateful hearts, showing
humility, realizing our ultimate victory is
in Christ's finished work on the cross."
"Relationship among teammates and
across teams is strengthened as we get
to know one another in Christian love. As
Christians, we believe our opponent is not
our enemy; so we celebrate our belief that
God loves all His children."
"Our prayer is that our seasons and
tournaments provide an opportunity for
blessing. First, for God to continue His
good work in every participant and in
every team; second, for everyone to have
a fulfilling competitive sports season with
memories that God can bring to mind over
time; and third, for each person to leave a
Christ-like legacy upon which future
teams can build and benefit."*
FRCAA is Colorado-based, covering the Rocky Mountain region, and is separate from CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association). FRCAA follows similar rules and guidelines as CHSAA, Colorado High School Activities Association (e.g., player eligibility), with one main difference being FRCAA allows Middle School aged players to play on our High School teams and in our tournaments.