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“We are not here to possess the world.
We are here to show,
by how we use the world,
that Christ is more precious than the world.”
                               - John Piper
In order to graduate from HCS, a student must earn at least 23.5 credits in the following subjects:
Bible   (4 credits)                      Bible   (3 credits)
   &                      OR                        &
Math   (3 credits)                      Math   (4 credits)
Social Studies   (4 credits)
Language Arts   (4 credits)                           
Science                (3 credits)
Language            (2 credits)                             
Keyboarding       (1/2 credit)
PE                          (2 credits) required for all students whether competing in league sports or not
Senior Research and Study Skills   (1 credit)
“Education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, and it is accomplished
by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty.”
                        - Andrew Kern
If a student transfers into high school at Hyland, adjustments to these requirements may be made by the principal. If the transferring student was not previously attending a Christian school, Bible will not be required for the years they were not students at Hyland.