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"For wisdom will enter your
heart, and knowledge will be
pleasant to your soul." – Proverbs 2:10
We are called as a Christian school to prepare students with knowledge and understanding, which fosters wisdom and virtue. Our curriculum is not watered down. At HCS we promote academic excellence through a demanding curriculum and caring teachers. Our educational materials are academically sound, written from a biblical worldview. We emphasize establishing excellent study habits, and we seek to nurture the wonderful love of learning.
Academic excellence achieved through mastering the basics taught from a Godly perspective.
Mastering the basics help our HCS students confidently tackle new academic challenges. Faith, values, and moral character are integrated into our K – 12 curriculum, complemented with daily chapel, service projects, theater, sports program, and P.E. We believe all students have potential to use their God-given talents in the classroom, in relationships developed through activities, and in life choices beyond our walls.

“Every job is a self portrait of those who did it.

Autograph your work with quality.”

                           -Ted Key



Our small classes promote valuable relationships between students and teachers. This gives the teachers the ability and time to further develop their students' God-given gifts, abilities, and academic successes.
“Even though it is small, it allows for more connection with teachers…There is an interpersonal connection. If you know the person cares about you, you’ll put more effort into your endeavors. You have a personal relationship with each teacher. You know they actually care. They are willing to help you. Also, you have a personal relationship with each fellow student.”                                          - A Hyland Senior


Elementary students explore the wonderful world of reading books from our school library manned by volunteers, one of which is a Hyland alumnus. Of course students have book reports, but not always in written form. Creative art work, inventive costuming for character depiction, and clever presentations exhibited for the whole school validate the excellence which elementary students demonstrate their talents. Elementary students have computer access in their classrooms. The computer lab in the high school wing is available to junior high and high school students to complete written assignments,  presentations, and keyboarding class.


Throughout the year various field trips are always planned. Visits to the Denver Nature and Science Museum, Denver Art Museum, Miller Farms, a fire department, the symphony, Arvada Center for the Performing Arts, the DaVinci Exhibit, and Backstory Theater Productions are just a few of the venues students have the opportunity to experience. When there's an extra special all-school field trip where students are to dress up, students are usually treated to a 'fine-dining' experience at an upscale restaurant; other field trips, of course, it's just a disposable, sack lunch.