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HCS is finally with a more interactive site. In all actuality, we've been live for a long time. This is Hyland Christian School's 40th year. We've been small, we've been larger, we've been small again. The roller coaster over the Dot Com era, changes in school choice, changes of all types and sizes, but we are still here. Many of the same wholesome traditions like the annual Hyland Spring Play and Brainamania are as amazing as ever. Each new play is always someone's favorite. Each Brainamania competition draws an amazing crowd of people from far and wide to match wits, until they're "Lemonaded!"

Gone are the days of the black and white workbooks. Amazing curriculum with tremendous discussions and insights into God's World and the people He created foster a desire to know more, learn more, grow more. The pursuit of excellence at HCS may not come will all the bells and whistles some categorize as necessary for education, but excellence of mind, body, and spirit is developed through consistent, follow-through in word and deed of who we are, where we've been, and what we can achieve for His glory. We work hard, we play hard. We are living in the real world each day at school. We learn how to learn, we learn to grow closer to God, we learn valuable basics that can carry us into any field of study He might lead us. We encourage making plans. We encourage listening to guidance from wise people; most of all HCS students are encouraged to equip their future thoroughly for every good work when they place their trust in the power of Jesus Christ. Students who remember Mr. Carter's admonition to "Read your Bible every day," is not so you can say, "I read the Bible," it is that out of all the academia anyone can offer, there is a priority higher that can offer us life far beyond what can ask or imagine. This is not to dismiss solid academics, but to use it to show the world who really owns it and who is really in charge.  Faith is interwoven in all our efforts. Thanks be to God and Father of us all.