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Going Live...

HCS is finally with a more interactive site. In all actuality, we've been live for a long time. This is Hyland Christian School's 40th year. Many of the same wholesome traditions like the annual Hyland Spring Play and Brainamania are as amazing as ever. Gone are the days of the black and white workbooks. We are living in the real world each day at school. Amazing curriculum with tremendous discussions and insights into God's World and the people He created foster a desire to know more, learn more, grow more. Pursuit of excellence at HCS may not come will all the ...


This title sequence to the left fades up from black just as in the movies, except it is used at the beginning of Hyland dramatic productions. Experience it now (click on the black slide). REAL PEOPLE PRODUCTIONS is the mastermind behind Hyland Christian School's annual plays. Originally, Bret Carter and his father, Ron, put their heads together ...

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Excel... Still More

HCS is an opportunity to excel academically, personal, socially, and spiritually. True knowledge and understanding from the Creator fosters creativity and integrity in students who honor Him in the workplace.